The Lindus Institute

Mandate: "To promote intercultural cooperation and understanding on a broad range of national and international issues"  

Focus Areas:

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Environment: Climate change, safe use, disposal and transport of hazardous products as mandated by the Basel Convention, green technologies, environmental issues in a human rights framework.

Refugees: Empowering refugees within refugee camps and advocating for their rights as stated in the 1951 Convention on Refugees.

Children in Crisis: Global Godparents sends volunteers to orphanages and works to prevent child slave labor and human trafficking of children.

Economic Development: Initiating grass roots development in the food, craft, artistic and tourism industries and expanding these to global markets.

Peace Building: Organizing musical concerts and other artistic events among diverse religious and ethnic groups, especially among young people, in order to build a foundation for peace in regions in which there are particularly high tensions among these groups with a particular focus on the Balkan countries and Kenya.

    Human Rights: Advocating for fundamental human rights for all people who are oppressed by political or economic forces or endure discrimination on the basis of their religion, ethnic background, or sexual gender. The principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights inform the basis for action on this issue.

    The School House On Wheels International:  Implementing mobile education units equipped with books, computers and basic science labs to rural areas of Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Central and South America to provide higher quality of education to populations that are either without schools or have poor quality educational facilities.  The units will also provide instruction in health care and diet issues and CPR.

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