The Lindus Institute

Mandate: "To promote intercultural cooperation and understanding on a broad range of national and international issues"  

Global Godparents:

There are more orphans in the world now than at any other historical period due to natural disasters, armed conflicts, HIV-AIDS. and other events.  Most of the children will not be adopted. If we are to avoid a situation in which these children grow-up feeling alienated and unloved and, thus become vulnerable to extremist ideologies, they need to know that there is love in the world for them, and that it can come from many people and countries.  

     Global Godparents is intended to provide orphans with the sense of love and connection that they might otherwise not have. In many orphanages, the administrators are so busy with the details needed to keep the orphanage operating that they do not have time to give each child the attention they need at their developmental stage.  Global Godparents would provide this by nurturing the children through the methods appropriate for each age group, whether that means holding newborns, playing with toddlers, reading and playing with those aged five to twelve, or taking walks and listening to the teenagers and encouraging them to pursue their dreams for the future.

        To provide travel and other expenses, volunteers who have the financial means to afford the expenses could include them as tax exemptions, others might acquire funding through their church or civic group, and those who have no other way to afford serving as a Global Godparents could request assistance from The Lindus Institute. 

       The Lindus Institute only collaborates with orphanages that are operated by members of the National Council of Churches or one of the main denominations of churches whether Protestant or Catholic or which have a proven record of operational integrity.  Global Godparents, however, is not intended to fulfill the role of missionaries through any theological doctrine but to express God's love by their actions.All volunteers will be screened. Some of the church denominations that operate orphanages will request to do their own screening.  Some require a short training period prior to sending volunteers to an orphanage.  All this information would be provided to volunteers who request it.

Global Godparents Volunteer Opportunities



  • Jamae Leta Orphanage
  • Kamina Orphanage
  • Kinda Orphanage
  • Kinshasa Orphanage


  • lmani Agape Chidren’s Home
  • Nyumbani Children’s Home
  • Hurama Children’s Home
  • Assumption Sisters Children’s Home
  • Lynsi Love Centre 


  • Ministry of Hope


  • Dondo Orphanage
  • Carolyn Belscho Orphanage 


  • Orphans of Hope
  • Bwindi Community Orphans
  • Jesus's Wind of Victory Home       


  • Jalingo Orphanage

Sierra Leone:

  • Child Rescue Center

South Africa:

  • Khanyisilee Katlehong


  • Angel House
  • Chilpole Orphanage
  • lmiliwaha Orphanage
  • Peramilo Orphanage
  • Kilimanjaro Centre for Street Children


  • Front Porch Orphanage


  • Babyfold
  • We Are Village
  • Home of Hope


  • Happy Children’s Home


  • Bendictine Sisters Taiwan


  • Orphans in Thailand


  • Palawan Orphanage


  • Bachchon-Ka-Ghar


  •  Lestari Sayang Anak
  • Lestari Sayang Anak

Central and South America:

  • House of Mercy Orphanages,
  • Farm for the Child, Honduras
  • House of Hope, Honduras
  • La Aurora - Peru