The Lindus Institute

Mandate: "To promote intercultural cooperation and understanding on a broad range of national and international issues"  

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Focus Areas:

Environment: Climate change, drought prevention, safe use, disposal and transport of hazardous products as mandated by the Basel Convention.

Refugees: Empowering refugees within refugee camps and advocating for their rights as stated in the 1951 Convention on Refugees.

Children in Crisis: Global Godparents sends volunteers to orphanages and works to prevent child slave labor and human trafficking in children.

Economic Development: Initiating grass roots development in the food, craft and tourism industries and expanding these to global markets.

Peace Building: Organizing musical concerts and other artistic events among diverse religious and ethnic groups, especially among young people, in order to build a foundation for peace in regions in which there are particularly high tensions among these groups with a particular focus on the Balkan countries and Kenya.